VirtualLife FAQ

When can you buy a VirtualLife package?
VirtualLife packages are available for purchase for anyone over the age of twenty-one.

What are the prices of the packages?
The Utopia package is priced at $700 and the Utopia Premium package is offered at $3,000.

What is the difference between the two packages?
The two options we offer are Utopia and Utopia Premium. The Utopia Premium has stricter security and better living options.

How will you collect data to create my persona online?
We will ask you to give us access to all of your social media accounts as well as track you on your computer and phone. This will help us to understand how you interact with others and why you make the decisions you do! This will give us a moderately accurate depiction of you for your online persona. Of course we cannot get 100% accuracy but we will try to capture your personality as best we can.

Why buy VirtualLife?
VirtualLife will allow your descendants and friends to visit you after you die. It will give you a way to live on after you die through the use of technology. We want to give people the option of an afterlife where their children, grandchildren, and relatives would be able to visit them.